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Apache and the Mepaco group have a dedicated department of field service professionals. Production uptime is our top priority to help customers with commissioning, ramp-up, maintenance, repair and emergency breakdown support.

Contact Joe Hertel, Field Services and Parts Manager
Cell (920) 219-2286  Office (920) 356-7334

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We provide experienced and proficient industry technicians and engineering support to perform services, including:

  • Field service and troubleshooting to all types of stainless and high alloy tanks
  • ASME / National Board R-Stamp repair and modifications
  • Surface finish repairs
  • Non-code repairs and modifications including piping and heat transfer jackets
  • Seal and agitation repairs and modifications
  • Accessory repairs
  • Head and tank shell repairs
  • Leak detection
  • Audit and service contract available




Recent Posts

  • When do you need an R-stamp for repairs to an ASME tank? Posted 2 years ago
    The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessels requires a Certificate of Authorization and R-Stamp for the repair or alteration of boilers, pressure vessels and other pressure retaining equipment. Any repairs to the ASME pressure zones on tanks require an R-Stamp. Any repairs not in that designated area will not require an R-Stamp. Apache's Field Service Technicians are fully certified ASME welders. For over 40 years, Apache continues to maintain rounds of audits and inspections from ASME compliance and safety professionals that speak to the consistency of the welders and the effectiveness of the quality control department. Our Field Service team are  R-Stamp certified. Apache will also provide all compliance addendum documentation required for ASME repairs of modifications in the field. A host of modifications are available to ASME and non-ASME tanks and vessels. We offer a feasibility audit to compare field modifications to the cost of a new system. Call Joe Hertel, Field Services Manager,  at 920-356-7334 to discuss your application.
  • Sometimes Tank Damage Isn't as Bad as You Think Posted 3 years ago
    Sometimes things just happen, like a tool accidentally falling into the tank and causing damage.  The damage might be a bent agitator or it might be damage to a side wall or baffles.  We see these kinds of things all the time and we can fix them most of the time. Repair and refurbish experience: Repair and replace agitator shafts Add agitation to a non-agitation vessel Refurbish outlet valves, seals, or-rings and gaskets Relocate nozzles and fittings Replace manways Repair jackets (conventional, dimple, half-pipe) Add cooling or heating coils Detect and repair leaks Refinish product contact surfaces Repair sidewalls Change bottom head configurations Modify tanks, platforms, catwalks for repurposing Convert non-pressured vessel to pressurized (if approved by engineering) Download the Tank Group Field Services flyer
  • Bob Dolan is Retiring from Field Services after 22 1/2 Years at Apache Posted 3 years ago
      After 22 ½ years in Apache’s field services group, Bob Dolan is retiring! Apache Stainless is grateful for Bob’s many years of service and sharing his expertise with engineering, sales and customers.    Bob recounts some memories through the years with one of his first jobs completing assembly of six tanks (partially built at Apache) in 1996.  It was extremely hot with a tight timeline. When the tank arrived, the roof was already off for it and other equipment to be set. The team worked through the night to set and weld the vessel to be out of the way of the day shift millwrights. “I enjoy the work.  It is gratifying to help customers and I enjoy meeting people,” Bob expressed.  “In the first 18 months, I went from a beginner to a STEP 7 certified welder.  After 22 ½ years, I believe I’ve welded and serviced tanks throughout the entire U.S.” “The most challenging job I was on was a tank with a cone bottom.  At first sight, it looked like maybe it couldn’t be done. The bottom had to ...
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Does Apache work on high pressure vessel leaks?

Yes, Apache can fix dimple jackets, half pipe and conventional jackets of all types and kinds of repairs.

Does Apache install manways?


Yes, Apache will recertify the tank according to ASME standards.

Can Apache switch out a flat head to a flanged head?


Yes, on an as quoted basis if allowable by ASME standards and reviewed by our tank specialist.

Does Apache repair heat transfer surfaces?


Yes, and Apache can recertify the vessel for ASME standards.

What hours are Apache's service team available?


Apache's service team are available during the week and on weekends.

Does Apache replace or add flanges?


Yes, as required for customer needs and allowed per ASME requirements.

Can Apache R-stamp a non-Apache vessel?


Yes, provided the vessel has been ASME stamped and has a National Board Manufacturer's Data report available. If these items are not available, special considerations must be evaluated on a case by case basis before a repair can begin.  Apache will need the serial number and drawing for the ASME vessel. Call our tank specialists for more information.

How long does it take for a service call?


If possible, 24 hour notice is appreciated to make travel arrangements and planning for the work to be done. Timing and logistics will be set once project scope is understood.