Who We Are

Apache Stainless is a manufacturer of stainless equipment for essential industries all over the world. We are well positioned to solve equipment needs for the fastest growing industries in the years to come.

Founded in 1975, Apache began manufacturing stainless tanks and food processing equipment for local commercial industries.

Apache’s business was built on a strong midwestern work ethic and innovated by employee owners driven to serve our customers.

Now equipment is loaded on semi-trailers leaving from Industrial Drive, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin to head to commercial manufacturers all across North America with shipments to many parts of the world.


Apache’s Experience and reputation with inspectors, agencies, and governing officials keep the compliance process moving forward.

What We Do

We are experts in compliance engineering and construction of stainless ASME pressure vessels and tanks. Our products are built to specification with compliance support from our large tank or small vessel team.

Apache’s tanks and vessels are highly specialized and serve fuel refineries, ethanol plants, chemical industries, food and beverage processing facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and water treatment facilities.

We have four product groups: Stainless ASME Tanks, Small Portable Stainless Vessels, Contract Manufacturing and Mepaco Food Processing Equipment. Everything we do is focused around stainless and other high alloys and manufacturing to compliance and other quality standards.


Apache’s Experience and reputation with inspectors, agencies, and governing officials keep the compliance process moving forward.

What We Do So Well

Custom vessel manufacturing to industries requiring compliance is what we do. In your next project with Apache Stainless, customers can expect articulate technical discussions around compliance, timelines, and cost with Apache’s experts in technical sales and project engineering.

Discussions will most likely include why a proposed design might not be compliant and how to adapt the plan to make sure it is. Other discussions may include the steps required for compliance and requirements to meet those goals. Compliance engineering is what we do. Our end-user processing customers, engineering firms, or equipment integrators know the production and processing goals for the project. We are the experts to turn those goals into custom tanks and vessels engineered and manufactured to code and all compliance requirements.

Apache has over 40 years of experience in ASME engineering and manufacturing and holds many other global standards. We continue to maintain rounds of audits and inspections from ASME compliance and safety professionals that speak to the consistency of our welders and the effectiveness of the quality assurance program.


Ready to Talk?

With diverse capabilities and extensive manufacturing experience, you can rely on Apache.