Apache Grows In-House Quality & Compliance Services

Apache continues to grow quality and compliance offerings and has recently added in-house CWI (Certified Welding Inspector) services and a new secure TOP (Turn-over Packet) on-line library.

CWI is an AWS (American Welding Society) regulated inspection service that is now in-house and is often a requested certification for our Large ASME tank and small vessel products. Having the inspection in-house gives Apache more control over the manufacturing process and efficiencies since we can conduct inspections parallel with other quality and compliance activities.

Apache is soon to roll out an online password-protected TOP document website. Customers will be able to set up a password and have access to all Apache TOP documents in their plant. The website is in its final testing phases and will be live soon!

Apache’s Turn Over Packets may include: Certified Drawings and Calculations, Material Test Reports, Weld Procedures, Certificates and Reports for Testing and Process Performs, Welder Qualifications, Welder Traceability, Compliance Standards Certifications and Material Finishing Reports.