Apache Services

A Service Partner You Can Rely On

Apache is growing services around the needs of our Large Tank, Small Vessel, and Contract Manufacturing customers. Our expertise is in heavy stainless and high alloy manufacturing supported by a comprehensive knowledge of compliance engineering. Our service groups fully uphold our commitment to quality and special handling of compliance vessels and heavy manufacturing.

Field Services

Apache and the Mepaco group have a dedicated department of field service professionals. Production uptime is our top priority to help customers with commissioning, ramp-up, maintenance, repair and emergency breakdown support.

We provide experienced and proficient industry technicians and engineering support to perform services, including:

  • Field service and troubleshooting to all types of stainless and high alloy tanks
  • ASME / National Board R-Stamp repair and modifications
  • Surface finish repairs
  • Non-code repairs and modifications including piping and heat transfer jackets
  • Seal and agitation repairs and modifications
  • Accessory repairs
  • Head and tank shell repairs
  • Leak detection
  • Audit and service contract available

Contact Josh Schladweiler
Field Services and Parts Manager
Cell (920) 344-1465

Quality Assurance

An important part of Quality Assurance is the process of manufacturing a vessel to meet compliance specifications and the testing and certifications to support those standards.

Apache Stainless has a dedicated quality assurance department that focuses on full verification, testing and documentation of compliance. Our welders and inspectors are ASME certified and as a company, Apache has been ASME certified since 1975.


  • Pneumatic 
  • Hydrostatic 
  • Liquid Penetrant 
  • Saline
  • CIP Coverage
  • Base Metal Thickness
  • Ferroxyl
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI) 
  • Ferrite Levels
  • Radiography
  • UT Testing


  • Material Trace 
  • Welder Trace 
  • Pickling 
  • Passivation 
  • Electropolishing

Contract Manufacturing

Apache’s Contract Manufacturing group provides design, support and fabrication solutions for custom metal parts and components to a variety of industries.

Our in-house passivation and electropolishing services allow Apache to provide all-inclusive control over the fabrication and stainless finishing process providing expedient project turnaround.

Services include:

  • Assembly
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Gantry Drilling
  • Laser Cutting
  • ASME Certified Welding
  • Stainless Finishes

Metal Finishing

Apache Stainless Equipment Corp. offers in-house finishing, including pickle passivation and electropolishing services.

Pickle passivation is the immersion of metal in a nitric-hydrofluoric acid bath. Pickled stainless material has a light matte appearance. Benefits include ease of sterilization and corrosion resistance.

Electropolishing is the immersion of metal in a charged bath of sulfuric and phosphoric acid. Benefits include ease of sterilization, improved cleaning properties, corrosion resistance, and a mirror finish look.


Since 1976, we have provided general transport as well as specialized, high and heavy load transport. Our air-ride tractor trailers are operated by conscientious employee-owners who take pride in careful and expedited cargo handling.

Our transportation capabilities include:

  • Air ride tractors with direct-transport door-to-door service
  • Specializing in oversize and super loads
  • Apache will provide necessary permits, escorts, route surveys, bucket trucks and communications for your transport needs.
  • Apache Transportation offers full loads as well as partial loads (LTL) to meet your transportation needs.
  • We have annual permits for our tractors, which allow us to handle oversize loads without the need for permits for every trip, eliminating permitting delays.
  • Boat wrapping available by request
  • TWIC: All drivers are TWIC certified
  • Perfect DOT Safer rating