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Compare Quality and Price with Apache Standard Vessels

Apache offers a line of standard stock pressure vessels ranging from one to 37.4 gallon capacity.

Our stock tanks feature large mouth oval opening, molded rubber bases on our 9-inch (model 90) tanks and pickle passivated finishes. In addition to our stock tank offering, we also offer options such as small mouth closures, stainless steel skirts, cart kits, dip tube variations and configurable nozzle types and optional electropolish finish.

All product contact surfaces are either 304 or 316 stainless steel.

The stock vessels are built in accordance with ASME Code specifications. As an option, we can manufacture model 99 tanks which can be certified per DOT and UN (Dept. of Transportation/United Nation) designations.

Apache's standard line of stock vessels can ship within 2 business days.

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COVID-19 Announcement
COVID-19 Announcement


Our company and our employees have a special responsibility right now, to help our customers who are the nation’s food, beverage, pharmaceutical and energy producers through this crisis. We will support our customers in any way possible. Even as state and federal policies tighten, we continue to adapt and innovate to support our customers who have a vital supply role.

At Apache Stainless, our people and our customers’ health and safety are our number one priority. We are taking extensive measures to make sure that our employees stay safe while still meeting the needs of our customers amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

  • We have ceased all non-essential travel
  • We are maintaining service and transportation support as current preventative regulations allow

Currently, we do not have any major disruptions in our supply chain and are monitoring it closely. Most lead times should not be significantly affected, and we are maintaining business as usual. If there is anything that we can do to help your operations stay running smoothly, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For Hope, Health and Safety,

The Apache Stainless Leadership Team

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How to Plan for CRN in your Next Tanks or Vessel Project

CRN is a Canadian Registration Number issued by each province or territory of Canada for the design and manufacture of boilers, pressure vessels and fittings to be shipped for use in Canada. It is important to note that each province and territories have unique application criteria for CRN.

Some fittings, piping and components are pre-approved for CRN, while others will require detailed calculations and/or testing to verify compliance. Certain design attributes may be accepted by some provinces or territories, but not by others. Further, some provinces and territories require a PE (Professional Engineer) stamp, but not all have this requirement.

One process is consistent; each province and territory requires the submission of the design to the CRN regulatory agency and the equipment must have a CRN number before it can ship and be placed in service.

How can manufacturers and processors plan for CRN for their tank and vessel projects? Start wth early planning and consider vessels as a long lead item. Determine design and shipping requirements at the onset of scope management discussions and allow several weeks, depending on project complexity, for the CRN number to be granted.

Apache provides CRN support on new projects as well as on used vessels orginally used in domestic markets that the customer desires to place into service in Canada.

Having exported to Canada for over 40 years, Apache's small vessel and large tank team have extensive experience with Canadian regulatory requirements and documentation. Apache has produced CRN vessels for many industries including oil, gas, energy, pharmaceutical, cannabis processing, health and beauty,  and food and beverage. Apache has provided design, review and registration services for a variety of tank and vessel applications including extraction, evaporation, thermal processing, mixing and batching.



Small and large vessel projects requiring TOPs (Turn Over Packets) will now be provided on a secure website.

This is a password-protected, easy access document storage website for compliance information, featuring:

  • Password access by company name (on your purchase order) with a password reset every six months.
  • Ability for the customer to set up the compliance and engineering team with access
  • All documentation packages will be in one company folder
  • Receive email notification when new documents are added


When you have a project requiring a TOP, Apache will provide a link on the order as well as email a link to register and set up a password.

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Starting 2020 with Community Support Activities

Apache recently organized a food drive for the Dodge County Food Pantry and we delivered enough food to fill the back of an F150 Ford pick up!

Almost 10% of Dodge County residents are food insecure; 45% are children and 25% are seniors/elderly.

Dodge County Food Pantry extends a big thank you to Apache for organizing the food drive and to employees who brought in donations, and packed, loaded and delivered food. 

The Salvation Army reports a successul Red Kettle fundraiser for the 2019 season, and is appreciative of Apache employees taking turns with shifts to sponsor an entire day of continuous bell ringing.

Apache Grows In-House Quality & Compliance Services

Apache continues to grow quality and compliance offerings and has recently added in-house CWI (Certified Welding Inspector) services and a new secure TOP (Turn-over Packet) on-line library.

CWI is an AWS (American Welding Society) regulated inspection service that is now in-house and is often a requested certification for our Large ASME tank and small vessel products. Having the inspection in-house gives Apache more control over the manufacturing process and efficiencies since we can conduct inspections parallel with other quality and compliance activities.

Apache is soon to roll out an on-line password protected TOP document website. Customers will be able to set up a password and have access to all Apache TOP documents in their plant. The website is in its final testing phases and will be live soon!

Apache's Turn Over Packets may include: Certified Drawings and Calculations, Material Test Reports, Weld Procedures, Certificates and Reports for Testing and Process Performs, Welder Qualifications, Welder Traceability, Compliance Standards Certifications and Material Finishing Reports.

Custom Vessels for Extreme Compliance Industries

The Small / Portable Vessel group produces specialized ASME vessels that customers need for their extremely regulated processes.  Apache manufactures custom mix tanks, storage tanks, jacketed vessels, heat exchange surfaces, extraction equipment.

The Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation employs experts and artisans in the fabrication of stainless equipment for a range of industries. Our expertise in stainless and high-alloy vessels is shown on Apache's tanks and vessels in the beverage, biotechnology, life science, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries.

Apache offers engineering and 3D modeling to the customer's design conditions and ASME requirements for each vessel project. We have a dedicated quality and compliance team that focuses on verification, testing, and compliance documentation.

In addition to ASME, Apache is also accredited in many other global standards. By setting parameters for quality and compliance, we offer greater value for our equipment products.

Download the custom story of Apache's Small Vessel Group.

5 Hard to Find Fabrication Processes that are Under One Roof

Apache has extensive in-house fabrication processes and machines required to make our tanks and vessels.  The same machines and know-how are used in our contract manufacturing group to produce anything from repeatable parts to full assemblies.

These processes are all under one roof at Apache Stainless in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

1. ASME certified high-quality welding, specializing in stainless steel and high alloy material

2. Parts requiring multiple processes as well as low volume full assemblies.

3. Large format laser and other large format fabrication

4. Heavy industrial fabrication capabilities

5. High compliance metal finishing include Pickle Passivation and Electropolishing

Learn more on our Contract Manufacturing page!

Visit Apache at Manufacturing Matters on Feb. 21st at the Hyatt Regency in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Dodge County Women Part of Manufacturing Growth Story

This article is featured in the October issue of Inspire Magazine.

Manufacturing is a big part of the growth story for Beaver Dam and the greater Dodge County region. With the hope of growth come challenges for manufacturers. As of March 2018, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate was 2.9%, the lowest in years.  What’s more, manufacturing jobs require technical skills, training or experience, and Dodge County, as well as the entire nation, is experiencing a shortage of skilled trades.   According to the United States Census Bureau, women hold 29% of the manufacturing jobs in the US, but they represent almost half (47.5%) of the working population. Women are an untapped resource to fill manufacturing jobs.

The state of Wisconsin has invested over $200 million from 2014 – 2018 to support workforce development. Locally, this investment helps manufacturers right here in Dodge County.  Moraine Park Technical College (with campuses in Beaver Dam, Fond du Lac and West Bend) can offer manufacturing courses and boot camp programs using grant funding that lowers training costs for companies to send employees and individuals interested in manufacturing careers. In addition to low tuition fees, students can often choose a fast track option for learning a skilled trade, reducing the time to get access to family-supporting jobs in manufacturing.

With all the energy from manufacturers, our technical college system and the state, why aren’t more women interested in manufacturing? One report by the Institute for Women’s Policy said that women and girls drop out or avoid STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education because of a “lack of role models, manufacturing stereotyping and the perception that jobs are less family-friendly and flexible.”

Perception is something that the Manufacturing Business Alliance (MBA) of the greater Dodge County region is trying to change:  The perception that manufacturing jobs are misrepresented as being repetitive, low-skilled and dull, not to mention requiring a lot of physical strength.  Pam Korth, Chairperson of the MBA states, “Most of the time, this is not the case, computers and automation are common parts of manufacturing facilities, which is why we need skilled workers.”  The MBA is a 40+ member group of businesses, organizations, schools and state agencies that work to grow the appreciation of manufacturing careers through promotion and important alliances.  

Retaining a quality workforce is on the mind of every manufacturer in Dodge County. Women and millennials overall are looking at culture and flexibility in their career and employer choices.  More and more manufacturers are trying to innovate around work flexibility, mentorship and career development.  Pam Korth adds, “If you are looking for an opportunity to choose your own career path and enjoy variety in your work, manufacturing is a great career choice.  Being able to come to work knowing that you will make a difference and that you will have opportunities to perform a variety of work that includes critical thinking, communications and teamwork is exciting!  Manufacturers understand that work-life balance is important and opportunities for flexible work schedules and generous paid time off programs are definitely available.”

Todd Hayes is the Economic & Workforce Development Specialist for Moraine Park Technical College; he says “Women are absolutely a good fit for Moraine Park’s boot camps! Our goal is to provide training and experience to get started in a career they might’ve otherwise never considered. Women are often able to bring a different perspective to the job and workplace, in addition to being highly capable employees.” Moraine Park Boot Camps are supported by state grants and are low or no-cost programs in welding and CNC (Computer Numerical Control). The college also offers 15 manufacturing programs in areas ranging from Manufacturing Fundamentals and Fabrication to Electromechanical and Industrial Maintenance.

The advantages to a manufacturing career are many. Manufacturing has among the highest paying jobs for non-college degreed workers. There are also STEM manufacturing careers available that require either technical or college degrees. Further, the employer-provided benefits, including health insurance, retirement and paid time off, is a premium over non-manufacturing jobs. There are real opportunities for career development from process improvement positions to supervision and tech support, and there are real opportunities for women.

Each year during Manufacturing Month in October, the MBA has a series of events involving many area schools and technical education students with tours of area manufacturers and team building activities. All students are encouraged to tour the facilities of participating area manufacturers to see people working and manufacturing products.  These programs help build awareness with students and families. In Dodge County, manufacturing is the largest employment sector with 27% of the area’s population working in the industry. Ultimately, the goal is to expand the skilled labor pool for area manufacturers and female workers are needed which will help grow the manufacturing sector.  As manufacturers grow and prosper, so will the economy of the greater Dodge County region. 

When do you need an ASME R-stamp for repairs to an ASME tank?

The ASME R-stamp requirements start with the detail in the code.  Summarized from the NBIC (National Board Inspection Code) standards: When a pressure vessel or boiler needs repair, alteration or rerating, an R-stamp may be required by the jurisdiction, or, by the owner / user.  When the standard governing the original construction is the ASME code, repairs and alterations to pressure retaining items shall confirm, insofar as possible, to the section and edition of the ASME code most applicable to the work planned.

The 'R' stamp is issued by The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors for the alterations or repairs of steam boilers. This certification helps ensure that such alterations or repairs are only done by capable fabricators who can meet the requirements of the code. It is the responsibility of the owner or user of the pressure vessel to secure proper compliance, and work with a certified repair organization and an authorized inspector.

Any repairs to the pressures zones on tanks require an R-Stamp.  A code repair is when a vessel’s “pressure boundary” needs repair. This could either be a cooling/heating jacket or the tank itself. A ‘non-code’ repair is when the non-pressure area of a tank needs repairing.

Alterations and retrofits may also require R-Stamp certification.  Experienced certified repair organizations are qualified to determine which elements of the repair or modifications will require R-Stamp certifications.

Our Field Service team is R-Stamp certified. Apache will also provide all compliance addendum documentation required for ASME repairs of modifications in the field.

Depending on the size of the vessel and complexity of the repair, Apache’s service techs may be able to make repairs on site, but in some cases tanks or vessels are shipped back to the factory for repair or modification.

Apache vessel / tank field services:
•    Field service and troubleshooting to all types of stainless and high alloy tanks
•    ASME / National Board R-Stamp repair and modifications
•    Surface finish repairs
•    Non-code repairs and modifications including piping and heat transfer jackets
•    Seal and agitation repairs and modifications
•    Accessory repairs
•    Head and tank shell repairs
•    Leak detection
•    Audit and service contract available

•    Relocate fittings
•    Re-rating pressures on tanks

Apache's Field Service Technicians are fully certified ASME welders. For over 40 years, Apache continues to maintain rounds of audits and inspections from ASME compliance and safety professionals that speak to the consistency of the welders and the effectiveness of the quality control department.

Apache manufactures tanks and vessels for compliance and regulated industries, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, petrochemical, biofuels, chemical and life science. We hold these certifications: ASME U Certificate, ASME UM Certificate, National Board of Boiler & Pressure Inspectors R Certificate, and National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Authorization to Register Certificate.

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