The Making of a Fraction Vessel Series

Apache partnered with a pharmaceutical processor with an active ingredient application, to provide a series of 24 vessels for fraction collection.  Fraction is the process of capturing the eluting fluid in vessels and involves isolation of extremely purified product.  The video highlights the engineering and compliance processes, vessel animation and completed vessels.

The highly sanitary vessels comply with ASME Code, Section VIII, Division 1. These vessels also came with CRN registration for Prince Edward Island in Canada.

The components and features on these fraction tanks include Sanitary Pressure Manways providing complete access to the interior of the vessels, as well as custom nozzle configuration, multiple site glasses and a custom mapped spray ball for Clean-in-Place capabilities. These tanks also feature sanitary tank bottom ball valves, and zero-dead-leg connections in the sidewall.

The sanitary design and compliance requirements guided the manufacturing process to include an internal finish of 25Ra and an external finish of 35Ra, with passivation per ASTM A-967. The series of vessels were nitric passivated per ASTM A-967, a process that forms a passive oxide layer, and removes free-iron and embedded contaminants.

Every vessel was tested at Apache. Some of the tests included are:

  • Electronic file distribution
  • As-built drawings
  • ASME calculations
  • ASME data report
  • Completed weld traveler & QC checklists.
  • Material Certificates
  • Passivation certificates
  • Surface finish certificates
  • Elastomer certificates
  • CRN documentation

Apache accommodated an in-process third party inspection to ensure that the project moved smoothly through compliance criteria and met the customer’s quality requirements.

The pharmaceutical processor partnered with Apache based on their need for control over processes, with multiple vessels requiring highly regulated sanitary vessel application. Apache’s compliance engineers detailed the customer’s specifications with all design requirement from manufacturing to component selection.

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