Guide to Compliance Engineered Small Vessels

Apache Stainless specializes in compliance engineering and custom vessel fabrication for hygienic industries. These exacting industries demand strong delivery of high-quality, fully compliant stainless ASME vessels. Download our guide to learn about Apache’s compliance engineering, manufacturing experience, and quality control.

Compliance Engineering

Apache has been engineering and manufacturing custom vessels since 1976.  Known for custom vessels, Apache’s small vessel team are experts at managing customers through compliance requirements and manufacturing to those exact specifications.

Our in-house processes and compliance expertise provide a competitive edge in delivering reliable and regulatory-compliant vessels that support heat exchange surfaces, agitation systems, spray ball sanitation, and controls.

Our project engineering process is a partnership where overall expectations are understood, from the customer’s goals to compliance certifications and delivery.  We work to create clear expectations with proposals including scope, specifications, and timeline for the vessel.


Apache’s vessels are used in pharmaceutical, life sciences, biotechnology, chemical, health, semiconductor, power generation, and transportation industries.  Our vessel experience includes:

  • ASME Vessels
  • API-650 Vessels
  • Customer Mix Tanks
  • Storage Tanks
  • Jacketed Vessels
  • Heat Exchange Surfaces
  • Extraction Equipment
  • Evaporators

Our facility is fully equipped with nimble manufacturing processes to efficiently manufacture custom small vessels with all processes in-house.

Quality Control

With a legacy of compliance engineering and manufacturing comes a dedicated quality control program. We have excellent relationships with inspectors, government agencies, and compliance officers to keep your project moving forward.  We have a robust quality assurance team with plant-wide initiatives for continuous improvement.

Apache upholds the sanitary design and safety standards of:

  • 3A
  • ASME U and UM
  • BPE
  • CRN
  • PED
  • CE

Our entire company, from our compliance and quality engineers to our ASME welders know how to facilitate ASME and other global compliance standards.

Download our guide, “SMALL VESSELS: Compliance Engineered”.