Pharmaceutical Mixing Vessel Video Tour

Apache is known for helping processors with custom engineered and fabricated tanks and vessels that require expertise in compliance. We commonly produce ASME vessels, API-650 tanks, evaporators, agitated vessels, clad/insulated vessels, heat exchangers and mixing tanks to customer specifications and compliance standards.

In the mixing vessel shown in the video, our project engineer worked closely to understand the performance and ASME compliance criteria for the vessel. As a pharmaceutical vessel, the sanitary and regulatory specifications required several processes throughout the manufacturing process including:

  • Verification of ASME design conditions
  • ASME compliant component selection
  • Multi-process finishing requirements
  • Pressure vessel calculations
  • Design of CIP requirements
  • ASME approval process
  • Certification and coordination of tests
  • TOP (turn-over packet)

The 150-liter mixing Pharmaceutical Vessel features a bottom mag mixer that includes a stainless-steel control panel with touch screen and speed control. There are numerous sanitary ports for add-ins, a CIP spray ball, and sight glass with LED light. The interior surface materials and welds are all ground and polished with an electropolished finish. The sidewall and bottom head are dimple jacketed with Thermalox coating, insulation, and shroud for heat transfer operations. The side wall has sampling ports with optional sparger tubes to assist the agitation process. The tank features a 24″ hinged man way top with tool-less knobs and is easily portable. This mixing vessel was also ASME U-Stamp certificated.

Pharmaceutical and sanitary vessels are regulated and held to extreme standards. From precise quality control over multiple processes, Apache supports highly engineered customization and compliance for stainless pressure vessels.

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