The large tank team has developed a new guide and brochure, “ASME TANKS & VESSELS” to highlight custom stainless and high alloy pressure vessels and the services that support manufacturers that partner with Apache Stainless.

Apache is a manufacturer of custom-designed and fabricated compliance-engineered vessels. Our in-house processes and compliance expertise provide a competitive edge in delivering reliable and regulatory compliant tanks and vessels, including:

  • ASME Vessels
  • API – 650 Tanks
  • Custom Mix Tanks
  • Evaporators
  • Jacketed Vessels
  • Agitated Vessels
  • Clad, Insulated Vessels
  • Heat Exchangers

Apache’s Project Engineering process is a partnership where overall expectations are understood, from the customer’s goals to compliance certifications and delivery. Our written proposal includes the scope, timing, specifications, and verified designs conditions for the process including temperatures, calculations, and compliance criteria. The project engineer will work to coordinate compliant component direction, approvals, submission of compliant design, schedule certifications and tests, and assist with TOP (Turn-over packet) deliverables as required.

Quality Assurance
Apache’s facility is a fully equipped heavy industrial large vessel manufacturing factory with all processes in-house. With a legacy of compliance engineering and manufacturing, comes a dedicated quality control program. We have excellent relationships with inspectors, government agencies and compliance officers to keep your project moving forward. Our entire company, from our compliance and quality engineers to our ASME welders know how to facilitate ASME and other global compliance standards.

Compliance Standards
Apache upholds the sanitary design and safety standards of:

  • 3A
  • ASME U and UM
  • R-Stamp
  • BPE
  • CRN
  • PED
  • CE

Field Service
We are committed to being a service champion, and by talking to and surveying customers we are creating a service strategy that fully upholds quality and support of compliance vessels. Our field service team is highly experienced with ASME fabrication and R-Stamp repair. We provide a range of services from troubleshooting to modification to give customers the most favorable uptimes as possible.

Download our new guide, “ASME Tanks & Vessels”.