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Blue Zones: The Year in Review

Apache is celebrating one year as a Blue Zones approved worksite. Blue Zones Project is a community-by-community well-being improvement initiative designed to support longer, better lives through permanent changes to environment, policy and social networks. Blue Zones Project is brought to Dodge County in part through sponsorship by  the Marshfield Medical Center in Beaver Dam. Dodge County is the first Blue Zones Project demonstration site in Wisconsin.

As a Blue Zones Worksite, Apache has met the official qualifications, including offering benefits and programs that provide employees with a safe and ergonomic work environment, purposeful volunteering and community engagement, support of family, social events, healthy choices, financial well-being and overall mental and health balance.

Some of the past year's activities were a monthly walk-bike-ride share promotion and drawing, quarterly volunteer incentives, organized social activities, sports related and healthy choice prizes at employee events, numerous health and wellness incentives and presentations.

During this unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic, we are focusing on the overall health and safety of our employee-owners with specific guidelines and schedule adjustments for social distancing, continuous information, resources and flexibility to stay safe.

Lean Initiatives Promote Customer Loyalty


Every year, Apache turns approximately two million pounds of stainless and high alloy steel into large tanks, small vessels, cookers, mixers, conveyors, augers, grinders and more – and everything is custom built to precise customer specifications or provided as a proprietary solution.  Due to the nature of our custom business, Apache has a well-established continuous improvement initiative to reduce waste and control costs to drive three main goals: Eliminate Workplace Risk, Create an All-In Continuous Improvement Culture and Total Customer Satisfaction.

Eliminate Workplace Risk: Apache looks to eliminate not only big, compliance-type risks, but also small risks to employees in the workplace.  Even an ergonomic improvement that is seemingly incremental, but if eliminated throughout all manufacturing staff, will greatly increase engagement and morale as well as increase efficiency and productivity.

All-in Continuous Improvement Culture:  Apache promotes an established process through strategy teams, welding step programs, mentor and supervisor training, and tactical teams.  Communications are shared through CI TV employee videos, shop monitors, operations meetings and other internal marketing.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Apache’s brand is our quality, cost, timing and service.  In reducing all types of waste, controlling costs, using resources efficiently, minimizing material handling and improving operational and educational communications, Apache will be providing the best product and service possible to the market.   

"Ultimately" does not exist with this initiative, it is a thought process of continuous improvement for the purpose to achieve and sustain operational excellence to improve the customer experience, the workplace and the lives of Apache’s employee-owners.


Small and large vessel projects requiring TOPs (Turn Over Packets) will now be provided on a secure website.

This is a password-protected, easy access document storage website for compliance information, featuring:

  • Password access by company name (on your purchase order) with a password reset every six months.
  • Ability for the customer to set up the compliance and engineering team with access
  • All documentation packages will be in one company folder
  • Receive email notification when new documents are added


When you have a project requiring a TOP, Apache will provide a link on the order as well as email a link to register and set up a password.

Learn more

Starting 2020 with Community Support Activities

Apache recently organized a food drive for the Dodge County Food Pantry and we delivered enough food to fill the back of an F150 Ford pick up!

Almost 10% of Dodge County residents are food insecure; 45% are children and 25% are seniors/elderly.

Dodge County Food Pantry extends a big thank you to Apache for organizing the food drive and to employees who brought in donations, and packed, loaded and delivered food. 

The Salvation Army reports a successul Red Kettle fundraiser for the 2019 season, and is appreciative of Apache employees taking turns with shifts to sponsor an entire day of continuous bell ringing.

New E-Book: Factory Tests and ASME Certifications Explained

An important part of quality assurance is the process of manufacturing a vessel and the completion of required certifications to meet ASME compliance.  Equally important is the understanding of these processes and procedures, by all parties from project engineering manager to purchasing teams.

Apache's quality experts have put together a informative resource on factory tests and certifications for ASME tanks and vessels. It is important to have an understanding with customers about what is involved with testing and documentation requirements.

Highlights include:

A review of factory tests
Manufacturing process that require reporting
An overview of certifications
The TOP (Turn Over Packet) Documentation Package


Spin the Wheel - Learn about our groups!

Apache Stainless has four different product groups, each specializing in working with stainless steel: Large ASME Tanks, Small / Portable Vessels, Contract Manufacturing and Mepaco - food processing equipment.

Our technicians and fabricators are versed in working across all product groups, which provides efficient production and creates a very skilled and knowledgeable production team. Apache's welders are ASME certified and newly hired welders are supported and trained to get their certification.

The Large ASME Tank group produces tanks in many industries using stainless and other high alloys. These tanks and vessels are constructed for fuel refineries, ethanol plants, chemical industries, food and beverage processing facilities, biotechnology companies, health and beauty plants and in water treatment facilities.

The Small/Portable Vessel group offers both a standard line and customized tanks and vessels, ranging from a few ounces to 100 gallons. These tanks and vessels serve industries that are highly regulated in terms of material, traceability, welds and governmental certifications.

The Contract Manufacturing group offers custom fabrication, assembly, gantry drilling, laser cutting, welding and metal finishing. Our in-house metal finishing includes pickle passivation and electropolishing. We can handle small parts and larger components, like our tanks, with the use of fixtures or double dipping techniques.

The Mepaco group offers a proprietary line of food processing equipment. With modifiable options, Mepaco's product line includes: cookers, mixers, blenders, augers, dumpers, sanitary conveyors and material handling systems.

Learn more about Apache's product groups on About Us!

New Brochure Update: Large ASME Tanks and Vessels

Highlighted in Apache’s new ASME Large Tank brochure are our capabilities and services, including:

Passivation: Passivation is recommended as a final cleaning finish after all fabrication operations such as forming, welding, machine and mechanical polishing have been completed. Apache can passivate tanks and vessels of any size. Federal spec. ASTM A380 & A967

Electropolishing: Electropolishing is specified as a finish in many pharmaceutical, health and biotechnology industry tanks. Stainless material is immersed in an electrolyte bath subject to electrical current. Surface contamination is dissolved resulting in a mirror-like, extremely smooth finish. Federal spec. ASTM B912.

Robotic and Mechanical Polishing: Apache has the equipment to finish the vessel interior and exterior to required RA values.

FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing): The large tank team and our quality assurance technicians are available for customer inspection of the tank or vessel and can verify components including controls, mixing and agitation as well as compliance requirements.

TOP Packages: Apache provides full TOP Documentation for your vessel project, including hyperlinked Table of Contents and Bookmarks. Large file size TOP Packages are sent via FTP service.

Download our new brochure!

Apache Hosts Job Fair Feb. 25


Apache Stainless is hosting a Job Fair this Saturday, February 26th from 9am - 2pm.   We are growing and looking for skilled tradespeople to help us respond to customers with quality, on-time custom manufactured products.  

On Saturday, interested individuals can come to 200 W. Industrial Drive in Beaver Dam, and enter through the front of the building.   We will provide information about our company and benefits. Individuals can fill out an application during his or her visit.

Specialists in welding and fabrication will be on hand to answer any questions about the work and the type of equipment we make at Apache. We are also offering plant tours where there are plenty of projects to see and learn about in various production stages.

Several of the positions we are looking to fill are welding positions.  We are offering on-site welding tests as part of the application process. Apache is ASME certified and continually invests in training and certifications for all our welders.

Please share this post with the skilled tradespeople in your network!

Visit Apache's Career Page.


Apache Hosts Press Conference for Special Career Pathways Grant

Wisconsin receives $2 million grant to improve career pathways

JPMorgan Chase and CCSSO announced Wisconsin will receive grant aimed at connecting students with skills-based education opportunities at a press conference today at Apache Stainless in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

MADISON — A $2 million New Skills for Youth grant announced today at a press conference in Beaver Dam will strengthen and expand career-education opportunities for Wisconsin students. The state is one of 10 grant recipients announced by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and JPMorgan Chase. The three-year grant will allow Wisconsin to build on existing efforts in the state’s 16 technical college regions to connect student interests and workforce needs.

Wisconsin’s plan was developed in conjunction with the Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation and a host of collaborative public and private agencies and officials.

Read more about the program on-line.

Customer Christmas Email Turns into Food Pantry Dollars

For the fourth consecutive year, in lieu of printed and mailed Christmas cards, Apache sent an e-card to customers with a promise to pay $1 for every click to the Dodge County Food Pantry.  This year we received 701 clicks, so our donation was for $701.00.   We heard from quite a few customers who appreciated the participation in our community effort.

In the photo, Mary Ann Firehammer, is one of several volunteers who help run the Dodge County Food Pantry. As people and boxes were coming and going, we snapped this photo and she was very happy to accept the check on behalf of the food pantry.

The Dodge County Food Pantry is co-located with the Dodge County St. Vincent De Paul in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.


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