Trends in Custom Vessel Manufacturing

In the last few years, Apache’s essential manufacturing customers have faced familiar developments in supply chain and resources. In a round table query of Apache’s sales and engineering team, here are the top 3 post-pandemic equipment trends and resource challenges experienced by our customers.
1. Solutions to Support Manufacturing Flexibility 

The need for flexible equipment and processing tasks is common among pharmaceutical and biopharma processors working with Apache.  Whether it is customized batch processing or equipment that needs to accomplish more than one task, Apache has met many processing goals with custom sanitary design vessel solutions.

Apache’s experience in compliance-engineered specialty tanks, including custom mix tanks, jacketed vessels, extraction equipment, columns, and evaporators, manufactured to custom specifications with the expertise of ASME (and other global standards) engineering and control.

Processors are also leveraging automation to create efficiencies in flexible production.    Automated CIP (clean-in-place) vessels, heat exchange programming, and recipe controls help with automation goals for many manufacturers requiring custom vessel solutions.
2. Nearshoring Partnerships

The pandemic, the Suez Canal disruption, and economic tensions with China have lasting sourcing effects on many industries, which continue to drive businesses to innovate their supply chain strategy.  New customers are prioritizing availability, quality, service, and customization over cost to grow new partnerships with Apache.

Entire industries are moving toward nearshoring sources. In one example, the semiconductor industry is taking advantage of the CHIPS and Science Act (2022) to help the US regain the lead in semiconductor Chip manufacturing. Apache has been a long-time manufacturer of custom vessels for specialty chemicals used in the chip manufacturing process and is positioned to provide custom vessels to additional partners.
3. Supporting Customers with Expertise / Services

Affecting every industry are workforce shortages and lack of experience in technical and skilled positions.  As an employee-owned company, Apache can retain experienced employees who work alongside recent graduates rounding out effective teams.  Apache is designing our support strategy to help customers with compliance education and provide a consultative approach on projects to troubleshoot issues before they drive cost or timing.

Professionals new to industries requiring custom stainless vessels are welcome to read “Design to ASME Submission”, or “Guide to Factory Tests and Certifications for ASME Tanks and Vessels”. Our eBooks and blogs are written to help customers learn about the importance of compliance engineering and manufacturing.

With a legacy of compliance engineering and manufacturing comes a dedicated quality control program.  Apache has excellent relationships with inspectors, government agencies, and compliance officers to keep your project moving forward.  We have a strong quality assurance team with plant-wide initiatives for continuous improvements.  Our entire company from our compliance and quality engineers to our ASME welders, knows how to facilitate ASME, PED and other global compliance regulations.