Lean Initiatives Promote Customer Loyalty


Every year, Apache turns approximately two million pounds of stainless and high alloy steel into large tanks, small vessels, cookers, mixers, conveyors, augers, grinders and more – and everything is custom built to precise customer specifications or provided as a proprietary solution.  Due to the nature of our custom business, Apache has a well-established continuous improvement initiative to reduce waste and control costs to drive three main goals: Eliminate Workplace Risk, Create an All-In Continuous Improvement Culture and Total Customer Satisfaction.

Eliminate Workplace Risk: Apache looks to eliminate not only big, compliance-type risks, but also small risks to employees in the workplace.  Even an ergonomic improvement that is seemingly incremental, but if eliminated throughout all manufacturing staff, will greatly increase engagement and morale as well as increase efficiency and productivity.

All-in Continuous Improvement Culture:  Apache promotes an established process through strategy teams, welding step programs, mentor and supervisor training, and tactical teams.  Communications are shared through CI TV employee videos, shop monitors, operations meetings and other internal marketing.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty:
Apache’s brand is our quality, cost, timing and service.  In reducing all types of waste, controlling costs, using resources efficiently, minimizing material handling and improving operational and educational communications, Apache will be providing the best product and service possible to the market.   

“Ultimately” does not exist with this initiative, it is a thought process of continuous improvement for the purpose to achieve and sustain operational excellence to improve the customer experience, the workplace and the lives of Apache’s employee-owners.