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Apache – Experts in stainless steel fabrication

At Apache, we pride ourselves on really knowing how to work with stainless steel for industrial markets. We have four synergistic product groups: Stainless ASME Tanks, Small Portable Stainless Vessels, Contract Manufacturing and Mepaco Food Processing Equipment.

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Large ASME Tanks

Apache was founded in 1975, and stainless tanks were among the first products manufactured, The Large ASME tank group produces industrial tanks manufactured from stainless and other high alloys to exact customer specifications.

Our semi-trailers hauling tanks pull away from our 150,000 sq. ft. facility in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin and head to commercial manufacturers all across North America. Apache’s tanks are found in fuel refineries, ethanol plants, chemical industries, food and beverage processing facilities, biotechnology companies, health and beauty product manufacturing plants and in water treatment facilities.

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Small Portable Vessels

The small portable vessel group was started in 1994 and is one of the fastest growing product offerings at Apache Stainless. The group manufactures tanks ranging from 1 liter to 100 gallons. There is both a standard line of small vessels and a custom line of tanks manufactured to customer specifications.

The custom tanks are one-of-a-kind and required for very special applications. These tanks are extremely specialized for highly regulated industries like pharmaceutical, biotechnology, semi-conductor, bio-fuels, chemical and water treatment. It’s where manufacturing technology meets craftsmanship; we call these vessels, our “artisan” tanks.

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Contract Manufacturing

The Contract Manufacturing group was created in 1999 to address customized fabrication needs for regional customers. Assembly, custom fabrication, laser cutting, passivation and electropolishing are all services offered.

We produce everything from repeatable parts to full assemblies like platforms and walkways.

Customers come to us from all over the United States for our passivation and electropolishing stainless finishing services.

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Mepaco Food Processing Equipment

Mepaco, which stands for Meat Packing Company, was purchased in 1993. It was an excellent fit for Apache’s fabrication specialists because of our expertise in working with stainless steel.

But Mepaco equipment is used for not only meat processing; it is found as part of manufacturing lines for dairy, processed fruits and vegetables, baked goods and snacks, pet food and various types of prepared foods such as soups and sauces.

Founded in 1932, Mepaco has established a reputation for quality food processing equipment including: industrial cookers, mixers, blenders, augers, dumpers and material handling systems.

Mepaco has designed coordinated systems integrated with high performance equipment for small and growing processing companies as well as Fortune 500 food manufacturing corporations.

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About Apache

Based out of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, Apache Stainless is fortunate to be able to recruit and maintain employees with strong, Midwestern work ethics. This paired with an employee-owned culture empowers employees to create a positive experience for our customers that also affect our company in a positive way.

Apache is located in rural Dodge County having both agricultural and industrial influences. As part of a regional initiative, Apache supports and helps to direct the Manufacturing Business Alliance of greater Dodge County. The group continuously works to promote manufacturing careers with marketing, communication, educational and public events to parents, youth and people looking at what manufacturing can offer.

Since 2006, Apache has been employee stock owned; we became a subsidiary of Employee Owned Brands. This structure transforms into a culture that poses advantages for both customers and employees. Employee - owners are driven to create efficiencies, collaborate and innovate to help customers, because they are directly affected by the successes of the company.