Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation, a fabricator of custom equipment for industrial manufacturers, works to grow the Youth Apprenticeship program in partnership with Beaver Dam High School and the Dept. of Workforce Development.

The Youth Apprenticeship (YA) program integrates school-based and work-based learning to instruct students in employability and occupational skills.  Local programs provide training based on statewide curriculum guidelines, endorsed by business and industry.  Qualified technical education teachers instruct students and skilled worksite mentors train students on specialized tasks.

A paid internship, Apache focuses the YA program around manufacturing processes.  Participating students spend two to three weeks in every manufacturing area throughout the yearlong program.  If a student shows an aptitude in a particular area, students have some flexibility to explore those skills in more detail.

“We are excited to have two participants this year, Max Smith and Devon Prien.  Both individuals are learning important on-the-job skills and exposure to workplace expectations,” says Pam Korth, Human Resources Manager at Apache. “This is a proven program.  Ben Greenleaf was one of our early participants in 1996 and he is still with us today.   We are definitely planning on the YA partnership next year in 2017.”

Junior or senior students who are interested in the YA program should inquire with their Industrial Technical Education Teacher at their high school. Typically programs start in June and run an entire year with work flexibility around the student’s class schedule.