Due to system upgrades, Apache Stainless will not be able to ship or receive products from January 4 through January 9.

We will be scheduling all planned shipments prior to December 30, 2020 or after January 11, 2021.

In the event there is a parts emergency, we have staff on hand to process your request, but turnaround time may be affected.

If possible, communicate your replacement parts, equipment and contract needs with your sales or customer service representative as soon as possible, so you do not experience a delay in service.

We appreciate and thank you for your understanding and patience during our closure.


Parts: Monica Planasch monica.planasch@apachestainless.com

Metal Finishing: David Foulkes david.foulkes@apachestainless.com 

Contract Services: John Holbach john.holbach@apachestainless.com 

Small Vessel: Nick Buchda nick.buchda@apachestainless.com 

Mepaco: Sales https://www.mepaco.net/contact/sales  or Tracey Stiemsma tracey.stiemsma@apachestainless.com 

Large Tanks: Mike Peterson mike.peterson@apachestainless.com