Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation announced the release of a new video featuring employee-owners giving a tour of each of the five business segments. This video marks the first in many communications to celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary throughout the year, to educate customers, suppliers, partners and current and future employees about the business.

The video entitled, “This is What We Do”, was produced in-house at Apache. It shows manufacturing processes and products at Apache, both in the Beaver Dam home office location and at the Plover, Wisconsin facility.

“The video is part of a communication awareness program that coincides with activities and events being planned during 2015, our 40th anniversary year.” According to Jessica Jacobson, Marketing and Communications Manager at Apache. “There will be additional activities throughout the year with visiting dignitaries, community tours and special events. With new people visiting us and reading about us, we want to take the opportunity to share what we do at Apache Stainless.”

Apache was founded in 1975 in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. The company manufactures products that fit into five business groups: Stainless ASME Tanks, Small / Portable Vessels, Carbon Steel Tanks and Equipment (Plover, Wisconsin facility), Contract Manufacturing and Mepaco Food Processing Equipment.