The demand for pharmaceutical and sanitary tanks continues to grow at Apache.  Processes have been streamlined to respond to pharmaceutical manufacturing customer time lines. In-house pickle passivation and electropolishing services helps to meet those turnaround requirements.  Also, quality administrators are on-site to assure compliance to the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

The new video is a compilation of the different types of pharmaceutical and sanitary vessels manufactured at Apache, including a look at in-house metal finishing services.

Visit Apache at the next Pharmaceutical Product Show, ISPE in Foxborough, MA at Gillette Stadium on Oct. 5th, Booth W69. ISPE is the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering.  Mike Peterson in large tank sales (920-344-7401) and David Foulkes in Small Vessel sales (920-356-7345) will be on hand to answer questions at ISPE.

Since 1975, Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation has provided the Pharmaceutical and BioTechnology industry with tanks from small vessels to large storage tanks, including: distillation columns, portable vessels, evaporators, CIP (clean-in-place) vessels and mix tanks.