On July 10th, the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) chose Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation as the site to present Senator Scott Fitzgerald and Rep. Mark Born with the “Working for Wisconsin” Award.

The WMC is an advocacy group that works to make Wisconsin’s manufacturing industry strong and competitive. Senator Scott Fitzgerald (Senate Majority Leader) and Representative Mark Born were honored because of their excellent voting record for Wisconsin manufacturing and commerce.

Ed Paradowski, Apache’s president, took the opportunity to tell the group about Dexter-Apache Holdings and the benefits of employee ownership. They finished their visit with a tour of the Beaver Dam manufacturing facility.

According to Scott Manley, Vice President of Government Relations, the WMC choseApache for the awards presentation because they wanted to recognize the company for providing family supporting jobs and supporting the local community for many decades.

Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation is a manufacturer stainless tanks and vessels for a variety of chemical, water treatment, energy and oil related industries. Carbon steel vessels and ancillary equipment are manufactured in the Plover, Wisconsin plant. Apache's food processing equipment line, Mepaco, designs, engineers and manufactures food manufacturing systems.