Courtesy of Wisconsin News - Beaver Dam Daily Citizen

Apache Stainless provided the background on Wednesday for the announcement of a $2 million New Skills for Youth grant for the state of Wisconsin.

Ed Paradowski, president of Apache Stainless, said the grant was from JP Morgan Chase and is a three-year grant that will allow the state to build on existing efforts to provide career readiness.

Paradowski served on the planning committee for Wisconsin and has been actively engaged in helping to advocate for the grant.

The New Skills for Youth grant is part of the Council of Chief State School Officers career readiness initiative.

The grant funding will support the new regional career pathways project, which will draw on CEOs within four pilot regions to connect workforce-relevant education and training to meet local industry needs.

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Apache hosted the press conference for the grant presentation Wednesday, January 11th at 10am. Grant collaborators, local and state educators and legislators were in attendance.

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