Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation recently provided a bulk storage tank to LPG & NH3 Supply, Inc., which denotes Apache’s entry into the Propane market.  LPG & NH3 Supply is a leading design, build and service provider to the Propane Bulk Industry and serves the Midwestern United States. The company, based out of Buffalo, MN, partnered with Apache to support their growth and deadlines for tank delivery.

According to the Propane Education and Research Council, sales are projected to grow due to economic rebounding and the introduction of new propane applications. United States is expected to be a major propane supplier to international markets in the future.

“Apache has over 30 years experience in tank manufacturing,” says Dennis Buehring, V.P. of Sales and Marketing. “Our experience combined with a dedicated carbon tank and equipment manufacturing facility in Plover, Wisconsin, will allow us to serve the industry very well.” 

The most recent tank supplied by Apache was used for fuel storage. The tank was constructed from carbon steel with 3/4” thick shell, 1/2” thick heads and a weight of approximately 49,000 lbs. The 30,000 gallon tank was installed by LPG & NH3 Supply at a growing residential and commercial supply company that is progressing from the growth of propane use.

Apache serves the fuel industry with 18k – 90k bulk storage tanks with ASME Code and NFPA 58 certificate. The company has the capability for manufacturing molecular sieve bottles, LPG and NH3 vessels, distillation columns, and atmospheric or pressurized vessels.