Apache Stainless Equipment Corp. donated two fabricated stainless steel door skins and six stainless steel shelves for the evidence room in the new Beaver Dam Police Department.

"We needed doors in our evidence processing lab for our drying closets, but solid stainless steel doors were too expensive and wood doors just weren't an option," said chief Ron Smith.

Drying closets are used to dry out evidence collected at crime scenes that might have DNA on it, such as clothing. Stringent guidelines require the drying closets to be cleaned with chemicals and hosed down after each use to eliminate any possibility of cross contamination.

"The closets are a sanitary environment," said Lt. Joel Kiesow. "It is critical to have doors that can withstand the extensive cleaning process."

The stainless steel skin over the doors was a unique and effective solution, according to Smith.

"It's extremely gratifying to be part of an important project like this, especially when its in your hometown," said Scott Uhrich of Apache Stainless.