Apache was recently formally recognized by the Wisconsin Safety Council and the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development for the 2015 safety performance. The award was earned through Apache’s outstanding efforts of safe job performance at work and in the community.

The 2015 safety performance at Apache was record setting with only three OSHA reportable injuries. Also impressive is an excellent start to 2016 with no OSHA reportable injuries through six months.

Chad Prieve, Safety Director at Apache, congratulates all employees especially those who work on the manufacturing floor in a high risk environment. “The safety performance is commendable for each employee who performs their daily tasks without injury.”

Apache’s employees have created a strong safety culture with a proactive safety environment where employees truly value safety and are vigilant in looking out for one another.

Safety is communicated regularly and employees consistently help manage risk at Apache where the safety motto is L.I.F.E. - Live Injury Free Everyday!