Apache Stainless is pleased to have Bob Perna on board to support custom manufacturing of stainless and high-alloy, high-compliance equipment. He will also be focusing on manufacturing opportunities for Filter Dryers. 

For more than 32 years, Bob has helped customers solve production problems and provided equipment solutions to their process needs. He has helped start-up companies worldwide with mixing, filter drying, plastic compounding and extrusion process equipment. 

At Apache, Bob will be working with global process equipment companies to create equipment manufacturing partnerships and offering Nutsche reconditioning services. 

Apache is a very capable manufacturing supplier custom ASME specialized equipment. We have a 45-year history in custom stainless and high alloy, critical industry, pressure vessel fabrication, as well as many years supplying Nutsche equipment to bio-extraction solution providers. Our mechanical engineering and ASME experts collaborate with your process team to provide the best solution for your production goals.