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Customer Christmas Email Turns into Food Pantry Dollars

For the fourth consecutive year, in lieu of printed and mailed Christmas cards, Apache sent an e-card to customers with a promise to pay $1 for every click to the Dodge County Food Pantry.  This year we received 701 clicks, so our donation was for $701.00.   We heard from quite a few customers who appreciated the participation in our community effort.

In the photo, Mary Ann Firehammer, is one of several volunteers who help run the Dodge County Food Pantry. As people and boxes were coming and going, we snapped this photo and she was very happy to accept the check on behalf of the food pantry.

The Dodge County Food Pantry is co-located with the Dodge County St. Vincent De Paul in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.


Apache is Honored by Beaver Dam School District


Apache was recently honored by the Beaver Dam Unified School District for the "Friends of Education" award.  We were recognized for the stainless material donations and equipment donations made to the technical educational program at the high school and for partnering with youth projects and revitalizing the youth apprenticeship program. 

In the photo, from left: Steve Vessey-District Superintendent, Chad Prieve-Apache Safety Manager, Devon Prien-Apache Apprentice, Max Smith-Apache Apprentice, Joe Kutzler-Engineering and Technology Educator at Beaver Dam High School, Jackie Wanie-Apache, Melissa Kasper-Apache and Pam Korth - Apache Human Resources Manager.

"Focusing on technical education is one of our passions and Apache was pleased to see that the BDUSD sees the importance of technical education," says Pam Korth, Apache's Human Resource Manager. "We look forward to our partnership for years to come as we work together to educate students and the community on manufacturing careers."



New White Paper: Heat Transfer Surfaces for ASME Tanks and Vessels

Apache white paper

The Apache Large Tank and Small Vessel team has developed a new white paper to serve as a general guide to ASME vessel heat transfer surfaces.

The white paper highlights three basic types of external jacketed heat transfer surfaces: conventional jacket, half pipe and dimple jacket, which are welded to the outside of the vessel. The paper also includes general information on internal coils which can be utilized for heat transfer as a stand alone option or in combination with other types of external jackets.

For blog followers, there is no registration required to download the white paper, discover:

  • Types of heat exchange surfaces
  • General application information and comparisons
  • Optional surface treatments
  • Manufacturing terms and definitions
  • Regulatory code review

Download White Paper

Apache Serves Up Large Scale Laser Cutting

large scale laser cutting

Apache’s facilities offer two 4000 watt CNC laser cutting machines. These lasers regularly handle 1/2″ thick material and pattern sizes up to 120″ x 156″. This is one of the largest cutting tables in the central Wisconsin area.

While we use the laser for Apache’s tank jobs, we also take on external contract manufacturing jobs like large mobile trailer channels and roof skins. Our turnaround time for most contract manufacturing orders is 10 business days.

If you have a large scale cutting project, give Cory Buchholz a call at 920-887-8177 or email him at

Apache Tank Heads Deliver Extreme Compliance to Pharmaceutical Processors

specialty tank heads

Apache recently completed a tank order of more than 20 specialty tanks for a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Eleven different designs were produced under strict guidelines for sanitation requirements and governing regulations.

Customized Tank Heads:

  • ASME 24” pressure manway with center mounted agitator fitting
  • Mechanically polished inside and out, with additional electropolish finish inside
  • Fully polished alcoves creating an isolated environment for technicians to access a single port on the tanks without entering the sanitary environment
  • Riboflavin tested with VAT (Vendor Acceptance Test)

Learn more about our Pharmaceutical Industry.

What is the difference between pickle passivation and electropolishing?

pickle passivation and electropolishing difference

The main difference between pickle passivation and electropolishing is the appearance and RA (roughness average) of the stainless material. In the photo, an electropolished sample is shown above a pickle passivated sample. The pickle passivated sample has a white appearance, while the electropolished sample has a mirror-like, shiny finish.

Pickle Passivation is the immersion of metal in a pickling bath such as nitric-hydroflouric acid. The process removes metal such as impurities and heat marks from welds.

Electropolishing is an electro-chemical process that removes surface material from stainless steel. The process typically starts with an immersion of the component into a controlled bath of electrolyte that is charged with a DC power supply. Apache’s RA tests show improvements up to 50% smoother, depending on the material.

Do you have more questions like this one?

Check out the Contract Manufacturing FAQs page.

Side Agitated Vertical Tank Serves as Large Stock Pot in Sauce Processing Application

This side agitator was engineered to mix food products with a high percentage of solids and viscosity in the processing of soups, sauces, marinades and gravies. The 2500 gallon tank acts as a large stock pot as part of the manufacturing process.

On the left photo, the tank (shown horizontal during manufacturing) was equipped with a half pipe jacket, which was pumped with heated fluid as required by the application. On the right, the tank head shows fittings and man way entry.

Apache’s agitation, heat transfer and finishing technologies include:

  • Vertical and horizontal agitation capabilities
  • High shear, turbine, full sweep, scraping, counter rotating and baffled technology for mixing and blending
  • Dimple jackets, half or third pipe jackets, internal coils for heating or cooling applications
  • In-house passivation, pickle-passivation and electropolishing services

For more information, visit Apache's Mix Tank page.

Apache’s Custom Capabilities Delivers All Sizes

custom sized tanks

Apache fabricates tanks from one gallon to more than 165,000 gallon capacity that are custom fabricated for processors and manufacturers all over North America.

In the photo, the large distillation tank has been loaded on the trailer is embarking to Canada. It is 9 ft. in diameter, 137 ft. long and weighs in at 160,000 lbs. with a 71,000 gallon capacity. In the upper right is a small one gallon, pickle passivated, portable research tank for a chemical processor.

Our fabrication experience is also diverse. We manufacture ASME Vessels, API-650 Vessels, Custom Mix Tanks, Storage Tanks, Evaporators, Jacketed Vessels, Columns, Heat Exchangers and Vats and Totes.

Apache’s tanks and vessels are found in the beverage, biotechnology, commercial, health and beauty, pulp and paper, biofuel, chemical, food-processing, petroleum and water treatment industries.

Apache’s Large Vessel Team Delivers BIG for Canadian Oil Sands Production

Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation, a manufacturer of ASME pressure vessels, was contracted to provide two large falling film evaporators for a Canadian oil processing operation. Apache’s “Large Vessel” fabricators/ welders manufactured the two evaporators, made from 2205 and 2304 duplex materials that were each 13 ft. in diameter and 127 long. Each evaporator has an empty weight of approximately 330,000 lbs. The total operating weight of each evaporator will be approximately 880,000 lbs.

Both evaporators were needed for the Canadian Oil Sands development to extract oil out of the ground. Oils sands, or tar sands are loose sand and sandstone that contain sand, clay and water, which is saturated with a viscous form of petroleum. Oil produced from the Canadian oil sands is referred to as crude oil.

Apache provided the evaporators used to separate the water from the oil. In the process, infused water is pumped out of the ground, cleaned and pumped back into the ground as steam. The steam breaks up and “melts” the oil off the sand trapped in the ground. The oil mixture is then pumped through the evaporators where Apache installed over 3,000 2” diameter tubes into each evaporator. Inside the tubes, the oil and water fluid is subjected to heated steam, which causes the water to turn to steam and the oil separates and falls down the tubes, hence the name falling film evaporator. The separated oil then collects in a pipe where the oil is extracted. The steam is used to go back into the ground as it is now clean to comply with environmental concerns. The process is a continuous loop.

The two large evaporators were delivered utilizing five transports. The evaporators were split in half for transportation purposes, as the heaviest portion containing the tubes weighed over ¼ million pounds for each evaporator. Apache is one of the few vessel manufacturers that can handle this size of evaporator. We have close to 350,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facilities and an extensive, cross-trained staff of experienced fabricators that are flexible to work on various types of vessels, applications and materials.

Located in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation serves the fuel industry with many types of specialized tanks, including: distillation columns, evaporators, ASME vessels, API-650 vessels, clad vessels, custom mix tanks and storage tanks.

Apache Invests in Automated Head Making Equipment

Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation is excited to announce new in-house automated head making capabilities. The new equipment allows Apache to control process and timing of tank manufacturing projects. Apache, located in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, manufactures stainless and carbon steel tanks, and other high alloy ASME atmospheric vessels.

An investment of $1.5 million, Apache is positioning to grow tank and vessel manufacturing processes. “The new head making equipment allows us to expand our head making capacity,” says President Ed Paradowski, “customers will benefit from reduced time to delivery and also overall consistency.”

The equipment has capabilities for dozens of combinations of head styles and bevel options. Apache manufactures heads ranging from 30” to 192” in diameter. Tanks, vessels and components, including heads, are ASME certified for the pharmaceutical, health and beauty, chemical, petroleum, pulp and paper, biotechnology and food and beverage industries.

Click here to download the Head Making Flyer.

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