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Some of the Apache story is outside our walls. It is very exciting when employees take our Apache spirit one step further out into their communities. Volunteerism helps our communities to grow and helps to build a place where we are happy to live and work.

We Support Volunteers

If you are a volunteer for an official 501 (c) (3) organization in Dodge County or where you live, let us know how we can help and we would like to share that story, too!

Ways we have helped non-profit organizations:

  • Material donations
  • Matching donations
  • Fundraiser or ad sponsorships
  • Fundraiser prizes

We Celebrate Ambassadors.

You might be on a board or a committee, you might be a firefighter or you might be a champion of a community event. We encourage employee-owners to share your role with the rest of the company. Your involvement might spark something to promote employee engagement to build relationships in the community and awareness of civic duty and volunteerism.

For volunteer opportunities, check out Volunteer Dodge!